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Learning Center

QSI International Schools excel in providing individual attention to learners. And with our Mastery Learning approach, we truly aim to achieve success for all.  Whether the student is advanced or struggling, each instructor provides time for tutorial instruction during the academic day. Providing a safety net for children, our school transitions into a Learning Center giving each child the very needed attention they need to stay with the class and even move ahead. 

Gifted and Special Needs

Quality Schools International has made considerable gains in the area of special needs with the development of a special needs policy. This policy is the foundation for our learning support framework created to serve students with mild to moderate learning challenges who may need accommodations to master the curriculum. With the support of Regional Learning Support Coordinators and on-site Learning Support Teachers and paraprofessionals at various school locations, QSI can develop and support appropriate academic and/or behavioral learning plans to meet the needs of each individual student. For more information about specific learning support services at QSI Zhuhai, please contact the school directly for more details.