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Mr. Jay Loftin     

School Director 

Dear Friends and Families,

Thank you so much for reaching out to QSI Zhuhai, part of the QSI worldwide family of 37 international schools in 30 countries. QSI schools worldwide are MSA American accredited K-12 school serving the expatriate, international business, and local community. We have small class sizes by design, North American certified teachers, are a Mastery Learning school,  we subscribe twice annually to MAP testing and have scored above the U.S. average in all age levels, and we are an AP school.  Please feel free to ask any questions, and of course, we always welcome new families to take a few days to visit and experience a QSI school first hand.


There are two features to a QSI education that make QSI your best choice. First, our children at QSI Zhuhai, and all QSI schools, enjoy a student-to-teacher relationship of fifteen or less. In addition, by removing the fear of failure through Mastery Learning, students are always progressing toward mastery. Instead of the anxiety and invalidity of exit exams twice a year, we are testing mastery on a daily basis at a personal level. Small classroom size and a tailored curriculum to ensure mastery are the two primary reasons our scores are above the U.S. average, above the average of 1,400 international schools, and now above the QSI average.

Finally, we have some of the most interesting and caring staff I have met in years. With a 15 to 1 ratio, North American certified and experienced staff in every discipline, we are grateful to QSI’s tradition to find the best and bring them to QSI schools around the world. I encourage you all to join us this New Year and visit your children’s classes. Eat lunch with your child. Join an art, music, or P.E. class with your kids. Come see for yourself the QSI Difference.


J. M. Loftin, Director